The reasons why plants grow faster, stronger, and more nutritious with nitrogen-rich rainwater are well documented by science. Re-creating the effects of lightning striking water in the clouds is now possible with plasma technology. Plasma Licensing Authority LLC (PLA) will implement Lightning Water™ as a catalyst to significantly improve yield, growth cycles, and produce quality across multiple verticals of plant production.

To change the way water is used to grow, sanitize, and maintain produce.


To improve human existence, conserve natural resources, decontaminate and protect our planet, while ensuring this and future generations have enough food and at the highest possible quality.



To reveal the benefits of using LightningWater™ on plants

Lightning Water™


• Bigger plants
• Greater yields
• Greener leaves
• Water conservation
• 100% chemical free
• Stronger root systems
• Healthier looking plants
• Environmentally friendly
• Increases the defense capabilities of plants
Plants grow better, stronger, and healthier with Lightning Water.
• No damage to the environment! The product is all-natural.
• 100% free of chemicals!


Meet the founders

Lightning Water Team


The lightning Water™ distribution system is now in development. Contact us to find out more.