Lightning Water™ is nutrient rich water filled with reactive nitrogen and oxygen species for accelerating plant growth. It is created the same way lightning creates nutrient rich rain during a thunderstorm.
Lightning Water™ is a revolutionary product made from only air, electricity, and water.
There are no chemicals added and it is 100% environmentally friendly! That means BIGGER, GREENER, STRONGER plants are a certain result of using Lightning Water™.
* The massive electrical force of lightning produces reactive nitrogen species (like NO, NO2, and NO3) and oxygen species (like H2O2) in raindrops by rearranging and breaking molecules (like N2 ) in the air and fixing those atoms and molecules into raindrops.


To reveal the benefits of using LightningWater™ on plants

Lightning Water™

• Bigger plants
• Greater yields
• Greener leaves
• Water conservation
• 100% chemical free
• Stronger root systems
• Healthier looking plants
• Environmentally friendly
• Increases the defense capabilities of plants
Plants grow better, stronger, and healthier with Lightning Water. No damage to the environment! The product is all-natural and 100% free of chemicals!

The lightning Water™ distribution system is now in development. Contact us to find out more.