Using Science to Usher a New Era of Food Safety & Environmental Consciousness: A Proprietary Solution that is 100% Chemical-Free

    • Food & Crop Loss Reduction

      Reducing Failure from Mold, Fungal & Bacterial Diseases

    • Cost Benefit

      Using Less Utilities For Water Savings

    • Quality Retention

      Demonstrated Increase In Fresh Food Shelf-Life

    • Yield Increase

      Proven Faster Seed Germination & Growth

    What do we do? 

    We Harness The Power of Plasma for Ag-tech
    Lightning Water plasma-treatment systems use plain tap water and ambient air to produce plasma, a natural ionized field, that generates oxygen & nitrogen-rich molecules. We accomplish this by using varying high voltage discharges between our electrodes. That means NO chemical additives and NO artificial preservatives: 100% Organic Application!

    Our systems provide grocers with a safe, proven method to increase their fresh-produce shelf-life, by cleaning food surfaces from pathogens that cause food degradation and foodborne illnesses. We also offer hydroponic and indoor farmers with FASTER seed germination times, better yield quality, and more resilient crops. All backed by science.

    Frequent Facts



    John Russo

    Innovative professional with a distinguished and proven track record encompassing over 25 years of progressive management, marketing and sales expertise in the broadcast production and digital media industries. Committed to the development, implementation and exploitation of new cutting edge technologies. Special interest in new concepts that foster consumer adoption and provide new interpretations upon existing traditional platforms. Outstanding history of strategic vision and problem solving. Created from inception three successful entities; all as Founding Principal and acting as President.

    Dir of Plasma Sciences 

    Ryan Robinson PhD

    Ryan’s PhD is in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics researching in the area of non-equilibrium plasmas. His primary research is focused on non-equilibrium-atmospheric plasma and the application to production of plasma activated water (PAW).

               At PLA he is Leading a team of engineers and researchers implementing plasma activated water for agricultural applications, including augmented crop growth and sterilization. Developing commercially viable apparatuses and providing technical expertise to clients adopting innovative plasma agricultural techniques.

    Head of Product Management

    Sid Joshi MBA

    Sid is a Biomedical Engineer, with a background in antibacterial plasma and wound care research at Drexel University. In order to expand on his experience in drug delivery and biomedical solutions, he pursued his Master’s in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University, followed by an MBA at Cornell University’s SC Johnson School of Management, focusing on Entrepreneurship and General Management. Advocating for plasma technology and its applications in new business fields is his passion, which he aims to fulfill through his work at Lightning Water. 



    Dr. Simon Mills


    Suresh Joshi, MD, PHD, MSC.

    Dr. Joshi is an adjunct professor at the A.J. Drexel Plasma Institute, as well as Drexel’s School of Biomedical Engineering. He has a special interest in emerging bacterial infections, disinfection and sterilization, and biodefense. Dr. Joshi’s research areas are related to bacterial pathogenesis and biofilms and wound infection and healing. He has extensive experience in the areas of antimicrobial resistance, nosocomial infection control strategies, and molecular and clinical epidemiology, drug development and animal infection models.

    Michael Zaytsev

    Michael Zaytsev

    Michael Zaytsev is a Cannabis Business Coach who serves an extensive network of high performing entrepreneurs including Silicon Valley’s elite and pioneers in all verticals of the Cannabis industry. As the organizer of High NY, New York’s largest community of Cannabis activists and entrepreneurs, Mike has produced dozens of education and networking events for a community of 4,000 New Yorkers and growing.



    The Lightning Water™ distribution system is now in development. Contact us to find out more.

      Contact details

      Lightning Water LLC (A Plasma Licensing Authority LLC Company)

      Address: 3 Columbus Circle 15th Fl New York NY 10019

      Contact Person: John Russo (CEO)

      Ph: 973 632 6728

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